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  • Football Results
    Actual results and standings of the English and Scottish Football League,
    (Germany 1,2,3,F, England 1, Scotland 1, Spain 1,2,F, Netherlands 1,2,F, Greece 1,2, Turkey 1,2, )

  • Agenda of Events
    Events in our region, actualised regulary. Concerts, Parties in the area of Bonn / Rhein-Sieg...

  • The Euro
    All coins and notes of the Euro, watched from both sides, with explanations of the national motives.

  • Solid-ar
    eye-print supports the group solid-ar that helps the needed children
    In « Las Tablitas », a quarter on the border of the city of Viedma in Patagonia (South Argentine) they will install a dining room for 350 extreme needed children.

  • Linklist
    Here you can find a selection of internet sites, worth knowing, interesting and merry, all mixed up. This is naturally a subjective selection.


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